These are most of the dances we do at the moment, and the tunes we use for them

Choreographed Waltz - steps from the North East - tune: Planxty Fanny Powers

Clare Reel - steps from County Clare - tune: Star of the County Down

Diddy Dixon's Exhibition Steps - tune: Liberty Bell

Kit Hagerty - tune: Off to California

Lakeland Reel for 3 - tune: Soldiers' Joy

Lakeland Reel for 4 - tune: Soldiers' Joy

Lakeland Reel for 5 - tune: London Hornpipe

Lily of Laguna - own tune and Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside  

Liverpool Hornpipe - tune: Hesleyside Reel

Michael Turner's Waltz - tune: Michael Turner and Margaret's Waltz

Mrs Marhoff's Single Hornpipe - tune: Crocker's Reel (watch)

New Durham - tune: Manchester Hornpipe

Pat Tracey A - tune: Jenny Lind Polka - [watch]

Pat Tracey C - tune: Tralee Jail

Priest in his Boots - tune: Priest in his Boots - [watch]

Sam Sherry Reel - tune: Dorset Triumph

Sammy Bell Waltz - tune: Sweet Jenny Jones

Theresa Hindle - tune: Click go the Shears

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